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Following the ratification of the MHA+ Business Plan, the merger of the three highways efficiency organisations in the Midlands, the Midlands Highway Alliance, the Midlands Service Improvement Group, and the West Midlands Highway Alliance is now in full swing.

The new organisation, to be known as the Midlands Highway Alliance Plus, will have around 35 local highway authority members and will aim to build on the successes of its nationally renowned predecessors.

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This Service Improvement Group is a collective of Midlands and North West English Shire Counties, Shire Unitaries and City Unitaries sharing Best Practice within the disciplines of Highways and Transportation.


 After initially cancelling our MSIG task group meetings in the first few months of lockdown due to restrictions on both gathering and travelling for non- essential purposes we have now got a full programme of task group meetings planned in for the coming autumn. All meetings will be held via MS Teams and details are available on the Task Group pages. 

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