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Performance Frameworks for Term Service Contracts 




Do you use a performance framework of KPI’s to manage your Highways Term Service Contract?

Does the performance framework link to any incentives or deductions?

If so what are these incentives/deductions i.e. service extensions, exclusivity, liquidated damages, service credits etc?

How are these incentives/deductions calculated?

In relation to any deductions or financial penalties, have you had to apply these yet? Have they achieved the desired affect? Did they lead to any other commercial/contractual issues? Are they easy to administer?

If you do not have any financial penalties or deductions, how do you address poor performance?

Would you be happy to share any performance documents with us? These would be treated confidentially and only used to aid our understanding of how these measures are calculated.


Telford & Wrekin is currently going through competitive dialogue to tender its Highways Service Contract for commencement on 1st April 2019. T&W would be happy to share any documents or our experience either during procurement or mobilisation or during the service period with any fellow authorities currently progressing or considering retendering their highways contract.







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