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Midlands Service Improvement Group

Spring 2019 Bulletin


Dear MSIG members,


Thanks once again to all those of you who have taken the time to attend the MSIG task group meetings that have taken place since the last bulletin in December 2018. We have had some particularly well-attended groups and workshops, which is very encouraging to see. Apologies to anyone who was planning to attend the handful of meetings that we have had to cancel earlier in the year due to lack of attendees and also clashes with other meetings.

The meetings will be rescheduled shortly so please do send me agenda items/suggestions for making the meetings as useful and productive as possible.

Thanks also those who have contributed in other ways by attending events on behalf of MSIG, participating in consultations, sharing knowledge via the discussion boards and providing benchmarking data for group members to use for comparative purposes.


MSIG/MHA/WMHA Partnership

Work to bring existing collaborative groups within the Midlands closer together is continuing. Midlands Highways Alliance and MSIG have put together a joint Business Plan for the first time which aims to align our objectives and goals for the coming year 2019-20 as well as setting out plans for the organisation and fees structures for a new joint alliance.

Once published and approved by the MSIG Steering Group and Midlands Highways Alliance Executive Board members the Business Plan will be available on the MHA website.


MSIG Annual Task Group Report


The MSIG Annual Task Group Report (April 2019) is now available to view on the MSIG website. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this document and also to the work of the various task groups over the last 12 months.


As ever, we welcome comments and suggestions that might help to make the task groups more effective and relevant. We have had a number of suggestions for possible new groups, whether virtual or face-to-face and hope to progress these over the coming year. It may also be that some task groups have run their course, have alternative forums for discussion or may not currently benefit from meeting. This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure the best use is made of both MSIG funds and MSIG members’ time.


Modeshift STARSfor Travel Plan Monitoring Tool

Following a period of almost 4 years subscription-free use, our MSIG contract with Modeshift has now come to an end, as of 31st March 2019. Any MSIG authorities wishing to continue to use the STARSFor tool will need to discuss future arrangements with Nick Butler at Modeshift admin@modeshift.org. We hope that many MSIG authorities will continue to use the Modeshift STARsfor tool (now rebranded as STARS Business) which was developed in collaboration with MSIG members to enable smarter monitoring of travel plans submitted in support of planning applications and to create a tool which could be used to potentially provide a monitoring service to developers.


Derbyshire County Council are using the tool to good effect; being able to generate monitoring fees, fund travel plan monitoring staff and increase the monitoring of new development sites to ensure that sustainable travel measures are being successfully delivered.


Electric Vehicle Charging


There is an area on the MSIG website where information relating to electric/ultra-low emission vehicle charging can be shared.


Items from discussion boards for Civil Parking Enforcement, Accessibility & Smarter Choices, Street Lighting, Development Management and Traffic Engineering have been brought together on this new page as have a number of useful strategy documents from across the country. Minutes of the most recent MSIG Accessibility task group meetings may also be of interest as each authority gives an overview of current electric vehicle initiatives in their area.

We are planning to host an MSIG event in Autumn 2019 dedicated to issues relating to electric vehicles and related infrastructure requirements. Invitations will be extended to all interested parties from a variety of MSIG task groups. If you have any contacts or suggestions for speakers at such an event, please do get in touch.


You can sign up to receive notifications of discussion items and information about electric vehicle charging by going to the MSIG website and selecting ‘Account’ followed by ‘Subscription’ and ticking the ‘electric vehicle charging’ tag.


For further information please contact alice.russell@derbyshire.gov.uk


MSIG Efficiencies & Improvement Log


6 new examples of efficiencies/improvements have been logged by MSIG members in the last 5 months across a variety of work areas. To see details of these examples click here to view the full log. You can filter this document to focus on your own authority or area of expertise.

However, we could do more to capture all of the benefits that MSIG members are seeing so it would be very much appreciated if you could take 5 minutes to reflect on how your membership of MSIG may have resulted in a benefit or improvement to your area of work – big or small, we are really interested to hear from you!

You can now submit your entries to the Efficiencies Log using an online form which can be found on the MSIG website. Alternatively you can email any details to alice.russell@derbyshire.gov.uk


Recent Presentations


The following presentations have been given at various MSIG Task Group meetings over the last 5 months. Just click on any that may be of interest and you will be directed to the relevant pages on the MSIG website.


Transportation Data & Analysis

HERE Technologies Mike Glynn

Traffic Signals

AI Powered Traffic Analysis & ITS Solutions Lee Day

Rennicks Virtual Journey Time System Dale Stevenson

Highways Maintenance & Asset Management

MATtest Paving Innovations Ruairi Charlesworth

Accessibility & Smarter Choices

Modeshift STARSfor 2019 Update Nick Butler

Travel Planning Best Practice from around the country 2019 Nick Butler


MSIG Task Group Meetings 2019


Dates for the remaining MSIG meetings in 2019 can be found on the Calendar of Meetings & Events page on the MSIG website.


Please be aware that these dates are subject to change.